25 September 2007


And with that she walked into our bedroom and stood by the chair. “sit on it” she said to me, in both a demanding and imploring tone. As you can imagine my cock was fully erect again, and I was already beginning to imagine what it would be like to sit down, with her facing me, her beautifully firm breasts pushing against my chest whilst she talked dirty into my ear and rode me.

So I sat down, but was taken slightly aback when she straddled me, back to me, her long hair brushing my face. “well don’t just look at it, guide it in, my pussy’s aching for it”, she directed at my wife.

Jem knelt down and grabbed me, rubbing my helmet against Astrid’s lips, coating me in her juices. Astrid slowly lowered herself down, deep, until I could feel her arse pushing right down onto my lap. It felt like my penis was buried right up into her stomach. She let out a little sigh, rose up and repeated the slow, downward thrust. I cannot describe how good it felt, her pussy was so tight, yet wet, gripping my full length with each long, slow stroke.

She continued for a couple of minutes at the same pace, each stroke eliciting a groan from her. Jem must have been transfixed by the sight of my cock getting buried in Astrid’s cunt as she hadn’t moved. Astrid must have been extremely horny, so she was oozing love juice; I could feel it being pushed down to the base of my cock with every stroke, gathering there as a reminder of the pleasure she was receiving.

“lick it clean”. This was directed at Jem. Astrid rose up once more, and stayed there, the very tip of my cock just rubbing the inside of her parted lips. Jem put her tongue on the base of my shaft, right where Astrid’ juices had been collecting, and licked it spotlessly clean. Then she progressed up, all the while licking every square inch of my pulsating member. She even slide her little finger up the side she couldn’t reach with her tongue, collecting a little globule on the end of her finger. This she presented to Astrid, who of course sucked it off.

When Jem was satisfied she had licked me thoroughly clean, and she was very pleased with the sounds she heard me make as she did so, she knelt back on her haunches to resume watching us fuck in front of her.

Astrid however had other ideas, she lowered herself once more right onto my lap, then spread her legs wide so they were resting over my mine, exposing the fullness of her pussy to Jem.

“now lick me, please” she purred. And Jem obliged… finding Astrid’s clit straight away. She wasted no time, but sucked on it straight away making it stand out. Then licked the little button in all directions. Astrid began gyrating her hips to the rhythm of Jem’s tongue. As she did so she was raising and lowering herself just a fraction, enough to feel me entering and pulling out again. This slight movement was driving me wild, given I was pretty sensitive already after all that fucking and licking. Astrid began to twitch slightly every so soften, moans escaping from her. Her gyrations quickened and her she began to move up and down with more force and less control. As she descended Jem’s tongue licked furiously at her clit and she buried her arse deep into my lap to prolong the contact. Then as she rose, Jem’s tongue trickled down her slit until it met my cock, which she licked quickly, taking off the trail of Astrid’s juice left behind, and then leaving it there, waiting for the pussy to re-appear so she could suck on the clit once again.

Astrid began to murmur ever more loudly, and both Jem and I could sense she was about to explode. Jem now matched her movements to Astrid’s so that her mouth never left Astrid’s clit. The moment arrived, Astrid screamed very loudly and shouted “don’t stop” over and again. Jem obliged by clinging onto her clit. “I’m coming more” wailed Astrid, and she stopped moving resting just at the top of my cock. She was concentrating on Jem’s flicking and sucking. Finally Astrid’s shuddering stopped and she moved slightly higher. “oh, I’m so close” I shouted. “I know” replied Astrid, “but your wife’s now going to lick you into cuming and I want you to spurt over my pussy lips”. And she just squatted there, pussy right over the end of my cock as Jem applied her lips and tongue to my shaft. Needless to say it was only moments before I was making a white mess over the entrance of Astrid’s cunt.

“now clean me up” Astrid told Jem. So Jem turned over, lay flat on her back, and I watched as Astrid hovered over her face. Just close enough so that I can see the mix of our love juices start to drip into Jem’s open mouth. Astrid slowly lowered herself until Jem’s tongue could start to lick the juices, until finally Jem’s face disappeared into Astrid’s pussy. “hmmm, lovely..” Astrid sighed.

Then she got up, went over to the bed, and lay down. I followed, entirely knackered, laying down on one side, and Jem got off the floor and went round and got in form the other. And there the three of us lay, each basking in the aftermath of a serious orgasmic rush.

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19 September 2007

10 September 2007


Jem went on a night out with girls. That's fine, leaves me at home to play with my boys toys. The fact that they gathered at our house before the taxis duly arrived, and had consumed a bottle of wine between the three of them before the night had even started, should have set my alarm bells ringing. Alas it did not.

3 hours later, just as I was blowing up several bodies on the Playstation, a few giggles in the street followed by a knock on the door and scrabbling keys in the lock.

One more female than just my wife entered ... that was unplanned !

"Astrid's staying over", Jem declared - as if it wasn't bloody obvious. "Any wine left?" - as if they needed more. "And I'm feeling horny" - there's a change. "Me too" said Astrid.

"Is that me too, as in more wine, or me too as in you're feeling horny?", I enquired.

"Both" she giggled. "And Jem tells me you're a big boy, and a great fuck".

"How very kind, but I'm sure she didn't offer my services. No offense meant, you're a lovely looking girl, but having one drunk wife is more than enough, let alone another drunk female. Now I'll get another bottle, if you insist, then I'm outta here and you two can giggle and natter all night long."

Having said my piece, a quickly got another bottle and a couple of glasses and put them down. I was hoping in their state they hadn't noticed I now had a stonkingly huge hard-on, and was finding it hard to get rid of the image of a naked Astrid from my minds eye. She was gorgeous, easily the prettiest of Jem's friends. Long dark hair, full luscious lips and sparkling, wicked eyes.

And with that I went upstairs, with the sounds of more giggles resonating in my ear.

Shortly after I heard the not so gentle pitter-patter of feet stumbling up the stairs and expecting it to be Jem, went out of our room to see if she needed help. I was a little surprised to see Astrid walking down the corridor.

“Jem’s in the downstairs loo, so I came up”. I should point out that I was naked, and was standing there probably looking a little confused.

“She’s right” said Astrid, remarkably more eloquently than I would have thought possible given her state.
“She’s right. Jem’s right”
“About what?”
“But I’m sure she meant when its in full flight ... lets just see”.

And then there she was, kneeling down in front of me, with my cock in her mouth. She had the softest, fullest lips you could imagine and they were gently pulling on my shaft. She took me entirely into her mouth, rolling her tongue around my helmet with the most incredible touch. My cock was growing quicker than I had ever thought possible and was soon in its proudest state. I could feel it filling her mouth and she was giving some really deep throat. Her saliva was starting to dribble down her chin. She opened her eyes and looked straight up at me, meeting mine. She stopped for a moment and a huge smile appeared on her face.

“I love it, your cock is sooo yummy, and so big!”

And then she rammed my now throbbing cock back into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth with it. It was blissful and I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensation running around my helmet, my shaft and my balls which she was expertly fondling. The pleasure was immense.

“Thought so!”... well that jolted me out of my reverie… Jem was standing there. I hadn’t heard her coming up the stairs, lost as I was in the moment. Astrid took absolutely no notice, which made it very difficult to concentrate, as she continued to fuck my cock with her mouth, stopping every so often to lick off the small amount of pre-cum from my helmet.

“Are you going to cum soon?”
“If Astrid keeps doing that, then yes.”
“In which case, I won’t stop her … as long as you shoot it into her mouth, and she agrees to share your cum with me, instead of keeping it to herself.”
“Fine by me”, said Astrid, taking a moments breather “sure you don’t want to have a suck first?”
“I know you give good head, so you carry on”

But Jem bent down, squeezed my helmet until a large a drop of pre-cum oozed out. With a finger she wiped it off, and then put it in front of Astrid’s mouth. Astrid needed no encouragement and licked it off, before shoving my cock back in her mouth.

Jem stood up, and kissed me full on the mouth, hard, tongue pressing into my mouth searching out my own tongue. Meanwhile Astrid was both fucking my cock with her mouth and also tossing me at the same time.

I knew I couldn’t control it any longer… “I’m going to cum”.

And Astrid just rested my helmet on her tongue, with her head back and mouth wide open, furiously tossing me off. Jem bent down and put her mouth right next to Astrid’s, just as I began to shoot. My creamy white cum came gushing out and I could see it going into Astrid’s mouth. Most of it anyway, the odd bit shooting off onto the side of her face or down her chin, and some even landed on Jem. Astrid wasn’t finished though, she kept on tossing me, getting every last drop out, and then turned to Jem. The two of them locked mouths, completely open and I could see my cum being swapped between them. Some of it escaping out the sides of their mouths and dribbling down. They parted, and Astrid started licking the wayward drops from Jem’s face, who then returned the favour. Jem put my cock back in her mouth very gently, just enough to entice a last bit of cum.

“Your husband has the best tasting cum”
“I agree. I’m a lucky lady… although I think he’s a lucky man! Now come here and eat my fanny now I’ve let you blow him, and if you’re lucky, he’ll be ready to fuck us both afterwards!”

And with that Jem just lay on the floor in the middle of the corridor. She lifted her legs apart, and only then did I realise she wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“Have you been out like that all night?”
“oh yes”, she murmured. I wasn’t sure whether that was a reply or due to the fact that Astrid’s face had appeared in a flash at Jem’s cunt, and she was already slurping on Jem’s juices. “and I got some guy to finger me, so it was well worth it. Can you taste my love juice Astrid?”
There was no reply, but just satisfied noises.

Feeling a bit left out, I started undressing Astrid, who moved to make sure it was easy to get each bit of clothing off until she was there naked, with her tongue up my wife’s cunt, and my finger buried deep inside hers.
I started finger fucking her. Her cunt was sopping wet, she must have been so turned on. I took my finger out and wiped the juice from my finger aorund her arsehole. As I did so she pushed her bum towards me. So in my finger went. She let out a gasp, momentarily lifting her face away from Jem and turning it towrds me. I could see my wife's juices shining on her chin. Jem raised herself up on her elbows and could see what I was doing.

"i'm so close, Astrid, don't stop. And Charlie, if she can't concentrate on me as well, then take your finger out her arse!".
"I can, I can" begged Astrid and turned back to givign Jem's cunt the attention it deserved.

My finger plunged deep inside, and each time I rammed it in, Jem let out a squeal. The pleasure my finger was giving Astrid transferred itself to her tongue, which lapped ever more greedily at Jem's cunt each time I pushed it in. I could see Jem start to writhe under the onslaught of Astrid's tongue. I could hear Astrid start to suck the juices out of Jem. She was focusing on her clit, sucking it so it was like a little erect penis. Jem let out a huge cry and started shuddering underneath Astrid, who didn't let up but switched her attention to tonguing deep inside Jem.

"i'm spurting, I'm spurting" screamed Jem. Astrid gave her a last good, hard lick, then moved away so she could see Jem's love juice oozing out, then went about lapping it up.

I took my fnger out of Astrid's arsehole and as I did so she said "oo, let me taste me too" and grabbed my finger and moved it to her mouth. "mmm lovely. And now its my turn!"

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23 August 2007


Well I'm sure you can guess that this wasn't Chris Moyles interrupting my slumber... oh no, of course not.

It was her mouth; warm, wet and encircling my helmet

Actually, more than just my helmet ... I was, er, flaccid at daybreak ... my whole cock was engulfed by Jem's rather gentle tonguing. Needless to say it wasn't too long before it had the desired effect and she was very proud of coaxing my penis into a state of erectness.

So much so, she decided she deserved a lollipop and promptly started using me as one. Licking up and down and round and round. All extremely pleasurable, but any more so than the 3 hours sleep I was missing out on? After all, it was only about 6 hours since I'd been lying on top of her, her legs wrapped round me, me pounding away hard, and making her cum from my cock ramming inside her. Is she never satisfied?

I digress, back to being licked to oblivion, delicately, tantalisingly, even deliciously. When I have to start grabbing her hair and moving it away so I can clearly see her working on me, drinking in the sight, I know I've reached the point that resistance is useless. When she starts telling me
"I want to taste you, I want you to cum in my mouth"
and the words land like manna from heaven on my ears, increasing the pleasure and sensitivity I'm feeling, that's when I can feel my balls slowly but deliberately disappearing as they get ready to unload.

Oh but she is such a tease! A nymph and a tease. She can sense this (she would do, she's been massaging my balls as well for the last 5 minutes), and promptly moves away, sits up and demands I finger her until she's had 2 orgasms before she'll resume. What would you do?

Well I capitulated. There I was with a column like Nelson’s and balls like a champagne cork ready to burst … and there was no way I was going to let her off the hook, she was going to get my full load.

Fortunately I have long fingers that reach parts that perhaps not everyone can, I have a knack off being able to get the tips off my fingers right onto her G-spot. By massaging gently to start with, but rapidly quickening into a hard finger fuck, pressing against that area it takes only moments for Jem to start writhing about on the bed, muttering

“I’m cuming, I’m cuming”

arching her back as she tries to get away from my fingers. But now being on my knees above her, one hand resting on her tummy, and her head and body already up against the headboard, there is nowhere for to go.

“you asked for 2 orgasms, and 2 you’ll get”

and let my fingers continue to plunge deep inside her now dripping cunt. I also move round the side, take my hand off her tummy, grab her face and force her mouth onto my throbbing cock.

She jumps at the chance, swallowing greedily, rubbing her lips and tongue on my sensitive spot. This of course drives me wild, which makes my fingering rougher and harder, delighting Jem as I see her arch her back again. She has no need to say anything (and can’t anyway with a mouth full of cock) as I know she’s cuming again, which makes her flick her tongue even quicker over my cock. She looks up into my eyes; I can sense she can feel my dick growing just that bit harder and fuller. And whilst she’s still thrashing about with my fingers still deep inside her, my cum gushes out, filling her mouth, a little dripping down the side as she can’t quite swallow it fast enough.

As we both finish the last bursts, and I slowly take my fingers out, she grabs my hand, and brings it up close to her face.

“Thank you”

she mouths to them and then licks each finger, one-by-one, getting every little last drop of her love juice from them.

“hmm, I do taste good … almost as good as you!”

She wipes the drop of cum from the side of her mouth (which has actually dribbled down her chin a bit as well) with her little finger and slowly sucks that as well.

Just for good measure, a last drop of cum is emanating from my now slowly deflating cock, which Jem delights in gently licking off.

“You can go back to sleep to now,” she says, “I’ll see you in the morning for a fuck”.

Oh boy ...

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